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Your world is res judicata, collateral estoppel and res ipsa loquitur. These terms and meanings are "systemic" to you and integral to your basic training as a lawyer.  Words like facet injury, disc herniation, stenosis, cord compression and myelopathy are part of the basic training to doctors specializing in spine and trauma. Although you have possibly argued cases with these findings in the past, their complete understanding and bodily injury implications can often go underreported negatively affecting your case.

In a 'typical legal office,' all of the medical results are gathered directly by you or your staff. In that gathering, many times a case will appear either very good, marginal or not so good depending upon the clinical findings, or lack thereof. In the experience of both myself and my colleagues locally and nationally lawyers can often miss both the nuances and significant issues that compromise the results of the case.

Assure all bodily injuries are reported and argued clearly and accurately.

Our office strives for clinical excellence and the use of research to substantiate treatment and injuries leading towards permanent functional loss. Arm yourself with the latest knowledge based on research that will help you easily understand and argue the truth of your client's injuries, by receiving our research summations by e-mail.

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Get your client the care from specialist in trauma who knows medical-legal aspects of trauma cases and who can  make your job easier by getting you the information you need. Obtain a narrative from credentialed physician who can be your expert and understands how to clinically correlate causality, bodily injury and persistent functional loss.

Latest research

It is our commitment to bring you current research in the medical-legal arena that positively impacts your cases. The topics are targeted on issues of the courts so that an argument doesn’t overturn the truth of your client’s bodily injury. Contact us and we will make sure that you get a synopsis of the research article with a graphic. In addition, should you want the full research article associated with the topic, don't hesitate to ask. Just contact us and we will be sure to get you the information you need.

The 3 hottest topics in personal injury, based upon a survey of 1000’s of lawyers nationwide are;

  • Age dating the onset of herniated discs.
  • Pre-existing arthritis does not mean all bodily injury is pre-existing.
  • Their clients do get injured in “no damage crashes,” as documented by the insurance company’s own research

Learn the TRUTH about these and much more.

Make your job easier

One phone call offers you exceptional services so that you and your staff can focus on the legal issues.  We can handle everything else.  Our promise to you:

  • All patient records readily available (we attempt to obtain all records related to injury, so you don’t have do.  Also we will summarize all records in our final narrative report)
  • Narratives available in a timely fashion.
  • Consultations with attorneys arranged to review any and all cases.
  • Test results forwarded in a timely fashion.
  • Patient’s functional loss documented and correlate to injury and impact on future.
  • Gaps in care explained.
  • Immediate appointments available. 


When the office is closed and you need an appointment, you may call me at any time.  This will ensure that your clients’ needs are addressed immediately. 

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