Quantum Neurology

Modesto Chiropractor uses Quantum Neurology to test and treat every major nerve in your body for neur

Quantum Neurology is a service provided by doctors specially trained in a unique form of neurological rehabilitation.  The doctor performs a systematic analysis of nervous system and its functions.  When a neurological weakness is identified, the doctor performs a safe non-invasive correction using their hands, therapeutic device and light therapy.

The hallmark of health is the proper neurological function.  Our nervous system controls every function and movement in our bodies.  A neurological weakness may be recognized by pain, decreased range of motion and physical, mental or organ dysfunction.

The nervous system controls every movement and function in your body.  Each cell, tissue and system of the body maintains a constant instantaneous communication with every other cell, tissue and system in the body.  Your nervous system also maintains constant and instantaneous communication with its surrounding environment.  The temperature, texture and experience that you are having is entirely registered through your nervous system.

In Quantum Neurology we view the nervous system as primary focus of our analysis and correction care.  This is unique in comparison with the view of traditional medicine which is based on the bio-chemistry of the body and the liquids that occur during its functions.  These two very different points of views can be summed up in a simple analogy.  Traditional nervous system medicine is focused on the Hardware of the body. Quantum Neurology works on the software.

The nervous system is comprised of the brain and spinal cord.  The spinal cord should be thought of as tail of the brain.  At each spinal level a branch of the spinal cord extends out of the right and left sides.  Each spinal level connects to three things: 1: muscle, 2: Tissue and 3: Organs.  Traditional medicines views the nervous system as ending at its connection to these three areas.  In Quantum Neurology we include muscle, tissue & Organs as part of the nervous system.

Every injury, illness or condition has the ability of affecting different parts of the patient’s nervous system.  The nervous system has three main divisions; Motor, Sensory and Visceral.  Motor is 20% of the nervous system and is responsible for the muscular movement of the body.  80% of the nervous system is Sensory; most people can recognize Sensory as the five senses – Sight, Smell, Hearing, Taste and Touch.  And the third part Sensory and part Motor and is responsible for organ and gland function of the body.

In Quantum Neurology we identify the nerves affected when a patient has and injury, illness or condition and we use nutrition, corrective technique and light therapy to strengthen the affected nerves.  IT HAS BEEN OUR EXPERIENCE THAT WHEN THE NERVE AFFECTED BY AN INJURY, ILLNEE OR CONDITION ARE STRENGTHENED THE BODY HEALS ITSELF.  In most cases, the body will alleviate and at times completely rehabilitate from their injury, illness or condition.